Book Review: CLICK HERE TO START by Denis Markell


Denis Markell incorporates a classic mystery with a spine-tingling twist into a breath-taking novel. Ted is a gaming geek who always has Caleb, his best friend, at his side. New girl Isabel is a sucker for romance. Together they must solve a mystery that is more than just clues and hints . . .

Read Denis Markell’s debut novel Click Here to Start to find out if they will end this crime-filled mystery.

IMG_0160My name is Quinn Samson, I’m in 5th grade, and I am 10 years old. Both of my teachers inspire me every day to be myself and be creative. My ELA and S.S. teacher, Mrs. Picone, is the one who encouraged me to write this. The reason I write reviews is so that I can share the powerful words of authors with everyone. Every time I write a review it makes me feel so good that I have helped others. In addition to reading, I play soccer and lacrosse. I also love to color and play with my brothers. My family is always so supportive with everything that I do.

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