Book Review: GOOD DOG by Dan Gemeinhart

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I just finished reading Good Dog by Dan Gemeinhart, and it’s a book you just must read!

Brodie knows something is wrong the moment he comes to heaven. The boy that had been his owner is in danger, and Brodie cannot enjoy heaven knowing this. He must return to the world to save his boy, at the risk of losing his soul.

I absolutely loved this book. I recommend it because it is full of emotions — like love, sadness, and anger — that tug at your heart. The way Brodie’s memories came back as the story went along kept me hooked and in suspense.

You can order Good Dog through Scholastic or pick it up in a bookstore near you!

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Hi! I’m Jenna. I am eleven years old, and I live in Hopewell, PA. I participate in karate, and I love books and animals.

4 thoughts on “Book Review: GOOD DOG by Dan Gemeinhart

  1. Hi Jenna, I’m a teacher and dog lover! Your review makes me want to read this book! Keep reading and reviewing books! You are a natural!


  2. Jenna- I agree with how you felt about this book. You described the emotion in it so well. It does tug at your heart. My students and my daughter are loving GOOD DOG. My daughter gets to meet Dan Gemeinhart this Friday and get her book signed!


  3. Very nice review. Its a great book. His other book the incredible journey of coyote sunrise=also great.
    Good dog made me tear up. Its a beautiful, unique story.


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