Lifelines: Books that Bridge the Divide

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If you listened to yesterday’s episode of Books Between, then you’ve already heard about Lifelines, the exciting new children’s book podcast hosted by Ann Braden and Saadia Faruqi.


What can you expect to hear on episodes of Linelines? Here’s an answer from Ann and Saadia themselves:

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Guiding the creation of the content you’ll hear on Lifelines is a set of beliefs about the power of fiction, the necessity of diversity, and the importance of amplifying the voices of minority groups:

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The first two episodes of Lifelines are already live. The first episode, “Supporting Students in Poverty,” features Ann’s conversation with elementary school librarian Eileen Parks as well as Saadia’s recurring “Books You’ve Never Heard Of” segment, in which she recommends books about kids struggling with poverty.

The second episode, “Fighting Prejudice With Words,” features Ann’s conversation with Kiran Waqar, a high school senior and a member of the slam poetry group “Muslim Girls Making Change,” and Saadia’s book recommendations about South East Asia and refugee issues.

You can learn more about the podcast, find links to subscribe, and listen to the two episodes mentioned above here.

And if you’re an educator or librarian who has ideas about great ways to use books to bridge cultural divides, don’t hesitate to reach out to Ann and/or Saadia. They want to hear from you, and are open to all ideas about what should be included on future episodes. For those of you who have LOTS of ideas, they’d love to set up an interview. Their goal is to have all voices at the table. Contact them via this form at Ann’s website, or on Twitter at @annbradenbooks and @SaadiaFaruqi.

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