Cover Reveal: THE CRYPTID CATCHER by Lija Fisher


Today I’m thrilled to welcome Lija Fisher to the MG Book Village for the cover reveal of her debut novel, THE CRYPTID CATCHER. I’ve been excited for Lija’s book ever since I read the premise, and as soon as I saw the cover, my excitement skyrocketed. Learn a bit more about Lija and her book in the interview below — and feast your eyes on THE CRYPTID CATCHER’s awesome cover!

~ Jarrett

. . .

Thanks so much for coming by the Village, Lija, and for hosting your cover reveal here at the site! Before we get to the big reveal, can you tell us a bit about THE CRYPTID CATCHER?

It’s about a 13-year-old boy who discovers that legendary creatures (like the Sasquatch and Yeti) are real and he must find the special one who is the key to immortality before the bad guys do. And humor and mayhem ensues!

What led you to write about cryptids in the first place?

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that it all started with the trashy but delicious website TMZ. There was an article about an actor who went on a hunt to find the Otterman in Alaska. It made me wonder, “What would cause a grown man to run around the wilderness and search for a creature that might not exist?” Well, as I researched creatures like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, I stumbled upon the vast world of cryptozoology, which I thought would be a fun science to explore (or pseudo-science, depending on if you believe in these monsters or not!)

Have you ever gone looking for cryptids yourself (outside of your imagination, I mean!)?

Oh my gosh, I haven’t even asked myself that question! But now that I think about it, yes, yes I have. I grew up in the mountains and would spend Midsummer Night combing the hills looking for fairies and trolls. I kid you not, one time a bush rustled next to me and a sound that I can only describe as a gurgling, curious troll voice called to me. Sadly, I did not investigate. I RAN!

Ha! I would’ve been right behind you! Now, onto the cover. Were you involved at all in the art process?

My editor asked what I pictured being on the cover and I think I said things like, “mist and smoke and beasts and mystery yet joy and adventure!” You know, standard cover requests!

Who’s the artist?

The artist is the amazing Lisa K Weber. I haven’t met her in person, but I hope to so I can shake her talented, ink-stained hands.

What did you think when you first saw the cover art?

Initially, they sent me five possible sketches and my first thought was, “Who are those people in the cover?” And then I realized that they were my characters! Having an artist bring to life what’s been living in my head for so long was such a delight. And I think the final cover is beautifully filled with beasts and joy and mystery and I’m so happy!

All right — I think it’s time to check it out. Here it is!

The Cryptid Catcher

I love it! He’s taking a selfie!

Yes! If I ran into the Otterman I’d take a selfie too!

Thanks again for hosting your cover reveal at the MG Book Village, Lija! When can readers get their hands on THE CRYPTID CATCHER?

Thank you so much to the MG Book Village for hosting my cover reveal! THE CRYPTID CATCHER comes out August 21st from Farrar, Straus & Giroux and you can find me at, Twitter @LijaFisher, or in the mountains running away from trolls.



Lija Fisher is the author of THE CRYPTID CATCHER, a middle grade humorous adventure novel coming August 2018 with Farrar, Straus & Giroux, and THE CRYPTID KEEPER coming out in 2019. Yes, she believes in Bigfoot! She was the Writer in Residence in 2017 with Aspen Words. You can find her on Twitter @LijaFisher, or at

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