Will you be doing any reading this summer? OF COURSE you will! Why not spice up your reading life by participating in #MGBookVillage’s #MGSummer BINGO!

On the BINGO board below, you’ll see that each square corresponds to a different reading- or book-related challenge. Complete a full five-square line (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally), and you’re a #MGSummer Winner! Complete the whole 25-square board, and you’re a #MGSummer Champion! (Contact a Village administrator in order to get your badge.)

Participants are encouraged to share their progress on social media, but it is not required. If you DO post on Twitter, Instagram, or anywhere else, don’t forget to include the #MGSummer hashtag, so other participants can see what you’re up to.


Happy reading, all!

~Corrina, Jarrett, and Kathie

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