The World of Cryptozoology!

The Cryptid Catcher

Hello everyone! It’s my book birthday! Today, THE CRYPTID CATCHER, is released into the wild and I’m very excited to share some information about it with you.

To begin with…what is a cryptid, anyway?

A cryptid is a hidden animal, meaning an animal that is thought to be real but whose existence has never been verified by science. Animals such as Bigfoot and the Yeti are all examples. Cryptids are different than myths in that some people truly believe that cryptids are real, whereas it’s generally agreed upon that Zeus and the other Gods are a work of fiction. But some people (perhaps you?) believe that The Loch Ness Monster and other cryptids actually inhabit our world. There’s even a science dedicated to the search for such creatures…cryptozoology. Some scientists call it a ‘pseudo-science’ because these creatures can’t possibly exist…but for those who believe they do, the world of cryptozoology can be very interesting.

THE CRYPTID CATCHER is a middle-grade adventure novel about Clivo Wren, a 13-year-old-boy who discovers that his dad was a world renowned tracker of these hidden beasts. Unfortunately, his father dies mysteriously, leaving Clivo to figure out how to find a legendary creature that isn’t supposed to exist and protect it from the bad guys. It turns out there’s one beast who can do something very special…grant immortality, and boy does the evil resistance want it!

If you’re in the mood for a humorous adventure novel that explores the world of cryptozoology, then I hope you enjoy THE CRYPTID CATCHER!



Lija Fisher is the author of THE CRYPTID CATCHER, a middle grade humorous adventure novel coming August 2018 with Farrar, Straus & Giroux, and THE CRYPTID KEEPER coming out in 2019. Yes, she believes in Bigfoot! She was the Writer in Residence in 2017 with Aspen Words. You can find her on Twitter @LijaFisher, or at

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