Believe. Give. Trust. These are the three rules of Everyday Magic.

For the next four weeks, I want to focus on the GIVE part of that equation as I kickoff the countdown to the release of THE THREE RULES OF EVERYDAY MAGIC with the #EverydayMagicKindnessCampaign!

“When you make something for someone else, you give them love they can hold. That’s where the magic comes from. Anytime love becomes visible, there’s magic.”

-The Three Rules of Everyday Magic

I’m going to try to do an act of kindness everyday from now until 9/25. I’ll take pictures or post about it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #EverydayMagicKindnessCampaign. Not only would I love for you to follow along, but I want you to join me!

Give someone some Everyday Magic in the form of an act of kindness and share it on the hashtag. I’ll send you a signed bookmark, a temporary tattoo that says “Believe Give Trust,” and a post card with an illustration by Remy Lai of a scene in the book! (While supplies last.)

Not only that, but you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a hat knitted by yours truly! And I’m pretty good at knitting hats! You can share as many posts on the hashtag as you want. The more the better! But I’ll only send one swag pack per person. Unless…you’re a teacher participating with your class.

If you are a teacher and want to participate as a class, I’ll send a signed bookmark and tattoo to everyone in your class, as well as do a free 20 minute Skype session with you guys to talk about the importance of kindness and empathy in life and in writing.

Below, I’ve provided graphics that you can use as printables to hand out with an act of kindness, or to hang up to remind students or patrons to participate.

Remember the following quote from the book.

“Grammy said that magic happens when love becomes visible, when you give people something they can hold. But I think she was wrong about that, because some things you can’t hold, not really. Like a firm squeeze that says it’s okay, or a song that makes you feel better. Like a family that’s always, always a family no matter what. You can’t knit that, or cook it, or draw it, or write it. But all those things are magic.”

Your act of kindness can be something physical like a plate of cookies. But it can also be something you can’t hold, like a kind word, an extra turn on the swings, or your seat on the bus.

Whatever it is. I hope you’ll share it with me and spread the #EverydayMagicKindnessCampaign.

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KC 2

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