Book Review: THE SEISMIC SEVEN by Katie Slivensky

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 9.07.09 AM.png

The Seismic Seven by Katie Slivensky was sensational! I loved all the chances in the book for the kids to save the world. The kids were willing to sacrifice to help others and I can relate to that. The kids were responsible and took the initiative to solve problems all the way through the book. The science and geology of Yellowstone National Park was so exciting to read about and made me look up super volcanoes. One happened there 2.1 million years ago and won’t happen any time soon! Drilling into a volcano might not work because the fluid minerals would quickly seal any hole.

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My name is Allegra and I am in fifth grade. I love books and am happy when I am hooked on a good series. Some of my favorites are Harry Potter, The Land of Stories and Spy School. When I am not enjoying a good book, I play lacrosse or act. I also love to travel. I hope I can share the joy of reading with others so that they, too, can find a good book.

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