MG at Heart Book Club’s “What Kind of House from THE HOUSE THAT LOU BUILT Should You Live In?” Quiz!

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 5.10.09 PM

In the September Middle Grade at Heart book club pick, Mae Respicio’s The House That Lou Built, the main character Lou Bulosan-Nelson is determined to build a tiny house of her own and is an expert on houses in general!

She sometimes compares other people to houses, and at one point in the novel, she says, “I think it’s true that dog owners can resemble their pets, like a guy with shaggy hair and a droopy face might have a dog with shaggy hair and a droopy face. It’s the same with people’s houses. Where they live can echo them.”

Lou visits and discusses many types of houses in the book: tiny houses, mansions, floating houses, painted ladies, Eichlers, and more. Take this quiz to find out which type of house from The House That Lou Built would be the best match for you, and we hope you can join us for our Twitter chat about the book on Tuesday, 10/2 at 8PM EST with the hashtag #mgbookclub!


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