Book Review: SPY SCHOOL, by Stuart Gibbs

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A CIA undercover school, Jr. agents, a math wiz, crushes, evil agencies, new friends, teamwork, and a boy with more talent than he knows—where would it even be possible to have all of this content?
Spy School, of course! But SHHH, that’s classified!

This book is action-packed from the point of view of a soon to be a CIA agent, Ben. But before he can be the agent of his dreams, he must go through spy school. But all of this information is highly classified. So where does all of his friends and family think he’s going? A science school with high security, so for all we know, he’s a nerd. But when a mole is at spy school targeting Ben, can he, with the help of friends, find out who it is, WITHOUT getting killed?

Ben is a rookie who looks up to a girl with extreme skills. One thing that is not classified, Ben has a huge crush on her from the start. And the BEST part is that this is book one in a series with still more books coming! So you don’t have to be upset to finish a book, you can just get the next one. Will Ben be able to save his friends and spy school? Or will he die in the process of doing it?

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My name is Allegra and I am in fifth grade. I love books and am happy when I am hooked on a good series. Some of my favorites are Harry Potter, The Land of Stories and Spy School. When I am not enjoying a good book, I play lacrosse or act. I also love to travel. I hope I can share the joy of reading with others so that they, too, can find a good book.


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