Book Review: CAMP CLIQUE, by Eileen Moskowitz-Palma

One of my recent reads was Camp Clique by Eileen Moskowitz-Palma, which is the first book of the wonderful new series, the Popularity Pact. In this debut, Maisy and Bea are off to summer camp, which is something Bea is thrilled about, because she’s done it for years with the same group of girls, and they work really well together as a team. However, poor Maisy is a newbie who was forced to go by her dad, really doesn’t even want to be there, and doesn’t have a ton of confidence when it comes to outdoor activities. To add to the drama, Maisy and Bea’s years-long super close friendship recently broke apart, and camp was the one place Bea was hoping she could find her peace away from Maisy.

Throughout most of the book, as I got more background on the girls and why their friendship ended, the eternal optimist in me wanted Maisy and Bea to work it out, and the author did a good job of drawing out the drama and keeping me turning pages to see if everything turns out okay. I was slightly concerned that as someone who has never been to an overnight outdoor summer camp that the setting might be a barrier to me, but that was not the case, simply because the girls were so relatable and I did not have any difficulty imagining the camp at all. Through this story, Moskowitz-Palma also gives readers a peek into how social media can negatively influence friendships and how prescription drug use can create tension and fractures in families.

The girls in the story have just finished 6th grade, but I think girls a tad bit younger will still enjoy and identify with Maisy, Bea, or one of their friends. This book has a release date of April 2020 and I think there are tons of readers that will identify with the drama these girls are going through, but will hopefully be able to resolve their issues just like Maisy and Bea.

Thanks to the author and her publisher for sharing an ARC of the book with the MG Book Village.

Deana Metzke, in addition to being a wife and mother of two, spent many years as a Literacy Coach, and is now an Elementary Teacher Instructional Leader for Literacy and Social Studies for her school district. In addition to occasionally sharing her thoughts here at MG Book Village, you can read more of her thoughts about kid lit and trying to raise children who are readers at or follow her on Twitter @DMetzke. She is also a member of #bookexcursion.

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