Thank you so much for participating in Fast Forward Friday, Stacy. I’m so glad you could stop by the Village and talk to us today.

Kathie, I’m so happy to be here! MG Book Village has long been a place I go to for book reviews and to learn more about upcoming releases. It’s a thrill to be interviewed for the site! 

FOREVER GLIMMER CREEK is scheduled for release on April 7th. Can you tell us what it’s about?

Sure! FOREVER GLIMMER CREEK is set in a town where a Miracle happens every year. 12-year-old Rosie Flynn decides to make a documentary about the Miracles in the hopes of proving they’re real and connecting with her absent father. Along the way, she faces obstacles in her filming, navigates changing relationships with her friends and Mama, and faces doubts about her own beliefs. In the end, she discovers the true meaning of Glimmer Creek’s Miracles and learns a great deal about herself in the process.

Glimmer Creek is a delightful town with a touch of magic that runs through it. How did you come up with the idea for this book?

The town of Glimmer Creek is based on the small towns along the water in the Northern Neck of Virginia where my family has a cottage. I’ve always believed there was something special about this area. One night, I witnessed neon green bioluminescent plankton streaking through the river. They looked eerie and fantastical and otherworldly. That very event got me dreaming about a town with small doses of magic and thinking about which kinds of people would believe in the miracles associated with that magic. From there, the idea for Rosie and Glimmer Creek were born! 

I loved Rosie; her determination to film scenes for her movie despite the obstacles before her (including silly things like laws!) made me laugh but also admire her. Did you have a favorite character to write?

Well, I love all my characters, especially Rosie! But I think I may have loved writing Mama the most. I lost my mom when I was a young adult, and writing that character and her relationship with Rosie really brought back wonderful memories with my own mom. It was such a gift to write those scenes. 

Rosie learns some important lessons in this story about relationships, both with her family and with her friends. Can you share one lesson you learned while writing this book?

This story got me thinking about kindness in its many forms and how small acts of generosity and compassion can make an enormous difference in someone’s day, even their life! I’m sure this will sound a bit sappy, but I think that theme made me want to show more kindness in my own life. 

If you could choose any of the Glimmer Creek miracles for you own, which would it be and why?

There’s a lot of Glimmer Creek Miracles I’d like to have including always staying warm and finding money wherever I went! But if I absolutely had to choose, I suppose I’d wish for a Miracle that would make me an exceptional singer like Miss Lily. I used to dream of being on Broadway when I was younger so a Miracle that made that dream come true would be wonderful!   

If readers want to know more about your book and your writing, where can they go to follow you?

They can go to my website –

I’m also on twitter: @hackney_stacy

And instagram: @stacyhackneybooks 

Thanks again for chatting with us today, Stacy!

Thank you for having me, Kathie! 

Stacy Hackney grew up in Virginia where she spent her early years reading everything she could get her hands on, and singing in the school choir. She graduated from Wake Forest University with a BA in English and received a JD from the University of Virginia School of Law. She currently lives in Richmond, Virginia, with her husband, four sons, and their rescue dog named Albert. Forever Glimmer Creek is her first novel. Learn more at

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