Book Review: REBOUND by Kwame Alexander

Rebound by Kwame Alexander is a prequel to The Crossover.  The story is about Charlie Bell who is the dad in The Crossover. Rebound is set when Charlie was a kid and he went 41bpl0Wp5jL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_through some tough times. Charlie is a normal kid and then something happens to his dad and all that changes. Charlie starts making some bad choices and he gets sent to his grandparent’s house for the summer to “find his smile again”. Then he meets his cousin Roxie who teaches him how to play basketball. Basketball helps Charlie get through his worries and “find his smile again”.

I really enjoyed reading this book because I loved the way it was written like poetry. Sometimes in the book there were cool graphic novel illustrations all about basketball. The book made me feel the ups and downs the characters were feeling.  I would recommend this book to you, to your friends and to everybody because it has a lot of noticeable life lessons and it is a really good book.

IMG_0295What’s up? My name is Nathan and I am 10 years old and in 5th grade. I love to read, especially graphic novels and books about sports. I play lacrosse, basketball and flag football. I like drawing, playing with my family, listening to music, kayaking, hiking, swimming and being in nature. My teacher, Mrs. Allen, loves to read just like me! She encourages me to be the best reader I can be.