Book Trailer Premiere: THE INSIDE BATTLE, by Melanie Sumrow

I’m so excited to share the book trailer for my next Upper Middle Grade book, The Inside Battle! One of the reasons I wanted to create a book trailer was to give everyone a peek into Rebel’s world and shed light on his story.

The Inside Battle is a work of fiction but was, in part, inspired by the rise of racist militias in our country. White supremacy was created by white people, and I believe white people need to talk about racism, even when (and I’d argue, especially when) it makes us uncomfortable. All forms of racism are harmful, from the blatant to the subtle. This necessarily means we should first listen to those who are directly affected by racism and then speak, making a concerted effort to include all children in the conversation.

Books can also be a way to normalize discussions surrounding mental health. Rebel has anger management issues and, like my grandfather, his dad suffers from PTSD. Like my grandfather, Rebel’s dad won’t talk about it. It’s important we remove the stigma surrounding mental health for kids and recognize the positive impact of treatment.

As a mom and author, I hear children talking about social justice, and books provide a safe space for thoughtful dialogue. I’m hopeful The Inside Battle will demonstrate that even though we may struggle with speaking up for what is right, our silence can be far more dangerous.

For the book trailer, I wanted to capture Rebel’s dramatic internal battle and the ultimate choice he must make. I hope you enjoy!

Melanie Sumrow received her undergraduate degree in Religious Studies and has maintained a long-term interest in studying social issues. Before becoming a writer, Melanie worked as a lawyer for more than sixteen years, with many of her cases involving children and teens. Her debut novel, The Prophet Calls, was a 2018 Writers’ League of Texas Award Finalist and her next novel, The Inside Battle, publishes March 3, 2020.

Book Trailer Premiere: THE HUMILIATIONS OF PIPI MCGEE by Beth Vrabel

If you’ve ever been bumped from the cool table in the cafeteria, suffered through an accidental mullet, shouldered an unfortunate nickname (ahem, such as … I don’t know… Beef instead of Beth), or otherwise were pelted by puberty’s relentless arrows, Pipi McGee can relate. But Pipi’s determined to use her eighth grade year righting the wrongs of her early education. She’s aiming for redemption but will take revenge. Take a look at this trailer to hear more about The Humiliations of Pipi McGee!

Click here for more information about The Humiliations of Pipi McGee!

Beth Vrabel is author of the Cybils’-nominated Caleb and Kit, ILA award-winning A Blind Guide to Stinkville, JLG-selection A Blind Guide to Normal, The Reckless Club, and the Pack of Dorks series. She is a former journalist so speaks from a very real point of reference and personal experience. She lives in Canton, Connecticut.