Book Review: THE TAPPER TWINS GO VIRAL by Geoff Rodkey


A great book is Tapper Twins Go Viral by Geoff Rodkey. This book is about Claudia and her brother Reese. Claudia plays the guitar and puts one of her songs on the internet, and well… no one really watched it. Reese on the other hand makes a video of him playing his favorite game, Metaworld, and it goes super viral. And one of the fembots (They’re this group of super-rich girls at there school who think they’re all cool and hate on everybody) made a bet who can get more blips (blips are like views) so Reese and Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 11.02.24 PMClaudia are now in a battle. Tapper Twins Go Viral by Geoff Rodkey is a really funny book and anybody who likes funny and goofy books this is for you. And here’s why it is funny——————————————–>



Hello! My name is Andrew, I’m ten years old and I’m in fifth grade and live in Minoa. I like playing video games and skateboarding and my favorite games are Call Of Duty WW2 (World War 2), WWE 2k18, and Minecraft (on the xbox). I also do mat wrestling at Pine Grove Middle School.