Village Page Turners Book Club


Welcome to the Village Page Turners Book Club. This group is empowered to help choose each month’s book choice for the month.  If you have any questions or feedback, please contact either @christiemegill or @lauriehnatiuk via Twitter.


The book club is a Twitter chat and will meet on the last Tuesday of the month for one hour starting at 9 PM EST.  We will use the hashtag #VillagePageTurners when referring to the book club.

How it Works

  1. There will be a poll to choose from three themes available for 24 hours.
  2. The following morning after the poll (e.g. poll sent out Monday during the chat, results would be shared Wed. AM)
  3. The winning theme will be shared and generic theme questions shared at the same time or shortly afterwards.
  4. chat.
  5. We will archive the chat just as we do with the #MGBookChat



NEXT BOOK CLUB: Tuesday, October 25/22 @ 9PM EST

October 25/22

Theme: Courage & Bravery

Hosts: @christiemegill & @lhnatiuk

Sept 27/22

Theme: Spooky and Scary

Hosts: @christiemegill & @lhnatiuk

August 30/22

Theme: School Stories

Hosts: @christiemegill & @lhnatiuk

July 26/22

Theme: Travel & Adventure

Hosts: @christiemegill & @lhnatiuk

June 28/22

Theme: Beach Reads

Hosts: @christiemegill & @lhnatiuk

May 31/22

Theme: Sports

Hosts: @christiemegill & @lhnatiuk

Apr. 26/22

Theme: Novels in Verse

Hosts: @christiemegill & @lhnatiuk

Mar. 29/22

Theme: Fantastic Females

Hosts: @christiemegill & @lhnatiuk

Feb. 22/22

Theme/Book: Spotlight on Black Creators

Hosts: @christiemegill & @lhnatiuk