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Here is a list of our upcoming chats and topics.

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#MGBookChat August 6, 2018 — “Building Book Access in Book Deserts”

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#MGBookChat August 13, 2018 — “Back to School with #MGBookChat”

_Back to School_ with #MGBookChatAugust 13, 2018 at 9 pm ESTHosts_ @mbiehl1 & @kirstenbiehlQ1_ As we begin a new school year, what books are you most excited to book talk to your students_Q2_ How do you get to know y.png

#MGBookChat August 20, 2018 — “The Importance of Immigrant & Refugee Stories”

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#MGBookChat August 27, 2018 — “Back to School Reads”

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#MGBookChat September 3, 2018 — “Teachers and Public Librarians: Supporting Each Other”

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#MGBookChat September 10, 2018 — “Ending Gendered Labels of Middle Grade Books”

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#MGBookChat September 17, 2018 — “Mental Health and Middle Grade Books”

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#MGBookChat September 24, 2018 — “Teacher-Librarian-Author Collaboration”

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#MGBookChat October 1, 2018 — “Teachers as Readers”


#MGBookChat October 15, 2018 — “Middle Grade Spooktacular: Why Scary Stories Matter”

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#MGBookChat October 22, 2018 — “Words, Words, Words: Building a Love for Language with MG Books”

Words, Words, Words page 2_.png

#MGBookChat October 29, 2018 — “Taboo Roll Call: Does Anything Go Now?”

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#MGBookChat November 19, 2018 — “Knock, Knock! Who’s There? It’s A Middle Grade Humor #MGBookChat!”

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#MGBookChat December 3, 2018 — “Deeper Themes and Tough Topics in Harry Potter”

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#MGBookChat December 10, 2018 — “Teaching with Harry Potter”

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#MGBookChat January 7, 2019 — “Reading Insights: Reflecting on 2018 and Looking Ahead to 2019”

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#MGBookChat January 14, 2019 — “Defining the Gap between MG and YA”

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#MGBookChat January 21, 2019 — “Writing From Life!”

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screen shot 2019-01-23 at 9.41.55 am

#MGBookChat January 28, 2019 — Engaging Not-Yet-Hooked Readers Through Read-Alouds

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#MGBookChat February 4, 2019 — Comics: Our Super Power to Reach Readers

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