Flipgrid and Other Book-Friendly Technology


Earlier today, we posted our second kid-written book review. If you missed it, you can read fifth-grader Fiona’s thoughts on Gina Linko’s FLOWER MOON here. Alternatively, you can hear Fiona booktalk the novel here.

Fiona recorded her review using Flipgrid, a platform that seeks to use video to “ignite student discussion and engagement.” Flipgrid is primarily used by students and teachers, but more and more, it’s being used by authors, too. Teachers like Fiona’s have set up specific Flipgrip pages where authors can make videos booktalking their own books (AUTHORS: make your video here!). Her students are then able to browse the videos and learn more about each book directly from the author. How awesome is that?

Before Fiona’s teacher, Nicole Mancini, asked me to record a video about my book for her students, I’d never even heard of Flipgrid. When I asked her to tell me a bit about it and about what it’s done for her and her students, she had this to say:

“Flipgrid is so great that it is difficult to put into words. It has honestly revolutionized my classroom. It’s made connecting with authors incredibly special for my kiddos (and me), and brings the quiet kids from the back of the classroom to the front. I love how I’m able to forge even stronger relationships with my students through it. I actually met most of them before school even started — I set up a grid for introductions and emailed the link to all of their parents a few weeks early and got to know the kids that way. We also have a section where they share what they’re doing over the weekend or while on trips (one did a vid response from Dubai!).”

Technology is constantly changing and advancing, and here at the #MGBookVillage, we hope to keep up with it — especially if it’s all in the name of sharing, celebrating, and discussing books! Contributors should feel welcome to pitch ideas for posts in any form they choose. Have an idea? Get in touch via our Contact page.

— Jarrett

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