Book Trailer Release with Jackie Yeager for POP THE BRONZE BALLOON

Hi Jackie! Thank you so much for allowing MG Book Village to host your book trailer release.

Hi Kathie! I’m so happy to be here. I should be thanking you, though. I’m thrilled and excited to have the book trailer released here today!  

POP THE BRONZE BALLOON comes out on November 10th from Amberjack Publishing, and it’s the third book in The Crimson Five series. Can you give us a brief synopsis of this story?

Yes, it’s coming so soon… now just two months away! 

Without giving away any spoilers of the first two books, here’s a short teaser: Pop the Bronze Balloon tells the story of Kia Krumpet and her teammates as they travel (literally!) through the final stage of the Piedmont Challenge… a year long, world-wide creativity tour! But the tour isn’t what Kia, Ander, Mare, Jax & Jillian are expecting. Besides inspiring kids around the world with their latest inventions and building a brand new invention, their team is challenged to work with two other international teams in an unexpected way. While traveling the globe, they discover that all their futures are at stake and risking everything they’ve worked so hard for may be the only way to finally make their dreams come true.  

It was such a fun story to write because it’s not just the futuristic inventions that are showcased in this third book, the incredible settings, notable places, and foods of eleven countries are as well. I’m really excited to take readers on this journey with the team.

If you could describe this book in five words, what would they be?

I guess I’ll use the tagline: 

Wonder. Question. Imagine… and Soar!

Who created the book trailer, and were you involved in the process?

I did! I created the book trailers for the first two books, Spin the Golden Light Bulb and Flip the Silver Switch as well. It was a fun process and a chance to be creative in a different way. 

Wow, good for you! OK, let’s share it with everyone!

Are there more books to come in this series?

Pop the Bronze Balloon is the final book. So, the Crimson Five books are soon to become a trilogy! It’s been amazing to write this series but at this point, I’m thrilled with the ending and happy to share this last story with readers. I hope they like how Kia’s journey wraps up and how she and her teammates end their quest to gain spots at the Piedmont Inventor’s Prep School. Never say never, but at this point, this is the last book.  

Where can our readers go to find out more about your and your writing?

My website is the best place to learn more about me, my writing, all book information, links to my social media handles, and to watch the other book trailers too! http://

Thanks again for chatting with me today, Jackie, and best of luck with the book’s launch.

Thanks, Kathie. It was great talking with you too. And thank you so much to MG Book Village for hosting the Pop the Bronze Balloon book trailer release!  

Jackie Yeager is the author of the Crimson Five books, a middle grade series that inspires children to think more, work hard, and dream big. She holds a master’s degree in Education and spent several years coaching Odyssey of the Mind, where her team once-upon-a-time competed at the World Finals. She lives in Rochester, NY with her husband and two kids. When she’s not writing, she can be found conducting creative problem-solving workshops for kids, spending time with her family, and blogging at You can connect with Jackie there, or on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

One thought on “Book Trailer Release with Jackie Yeager for POP THE BRONZE BALLOON

  1. I read and own copies of the first two books and really enjoyed these characters. It’s exciting today to find out the third book is coming soon.


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